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Some more of our church people

Meet some of our church officers

As well as being an assistant warden, Bernie is one of our 'welcome' team. A former fire fighter and ambulance man, he has lived in Hoddesdon for over fifty years.

He likes using his interest in gardening to help and care for

others and really enjoys looking after grandchildren with his wife Betty.

He has been with us at the church for more than five years and says "I like being with people, and I hope you'll often see me at the church door with a welcoming smile."

Bernie Smith.JPG


Assistant Warden

Heather Banks.JPG


Church Organist

Heather enjoys playing the organ and being of service to the church.


As well as pulling out the organ stops, she is a qualified piano teacher and she teaches privately and in schools, including at our own St Catherine's.

With her husband David, she has 4 grandchildren who all enjoy music as well.

She especially loves Bach but you'll hear her accompanying all sorts of music and styles. "Music keeps me sane" she says "And I believe God gave me a seat at the organ at just the right moment in my life".

John Roberts.JPG


Co-Choir Leader

John says:

“Being able to make good use of my musical training and gifts, and to explore, conduct and sing a whole variety of church music, both hymns and anthems is both exciting and uplifting—not forgetting, of course my faithful, committed, long suffering singers and musicians who continue to put up with me whatever the challenge may be. It has been an enormous privilege for me to serve as the church Choirmaster over many years—what an amazing and inspiring way to glorify God! ”

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