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Image by Annie Spratt

9. The Story

On another night, God nudged the brightest star and sent it floating across the sky. Who would look up and see? This time, not locals in Bethlehem, but foreigners from the East. They were wise men who studied their writings and discovered that this new star meant that God’s King had been born.
“We need to find the new king, to bow down to Him and give Him our gifts.”

They travelled many hundreds of miles until they arrived in Jerusalem, the capital city. They looked like important visitors so they were taken in to see Herod, the King. “Where is the baby who has been born King of the Jews’ they asked?

Herod was shocked and angry – a new baby King? How could this be? He must make sure this baby didn’t take his place.

He called for his advisors who told him that the Scriptures said God’s King would be born in Bethlehem.

“Go and find this Baby King”, he said,” Then return and tell me so that I too can go and worship him”

What Do You Think?

What sort of person do you think Herod was?

Would you trust him?

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